Organic Apple Juice

Our certified organic 100 % apple juice has no added sugar or water and is unfiltered, just juice from a variety of seventeen Irish heritage apple varieties. Our orchard was created from other orchards locally and many old gardens including Ballycumber House. It’s a combination of hard work, love and history.

Our Apple Juice is €4.50 per 75cl Bottle, €2.50 for 250ml or €20.00 for a 5lt juice bag.  

To Order: Text / Phone your order 086 8171270 

Back Story

Our apple juice story began eighteen years ago when a girl from Tullamore met a boy from The Island, Ballycumber.. The boy was a farmer out for the night, the girl a townie wanted to go dancing so they danced, and so the courtship began.  So the townie came to visit the farm and fell in love with the farmer the land,and the magnificent trees. One thing led to another and a ring was produced and a plan was put in place. The romance continued as they visited old walled gardens around the countryside and beyond.  One trip was to Co Clare to the Irish Seed Savers and a few trees were purchased. For her engagement present an apple orchard was planted. The seeds of a future were filled with organic produce, three children and wheelbarrows of hand picked apples. So our apple juice story began.   Eighteen years later the townie had so many apples that she didn’t know what to do with them so she said “lets make some apple juice”.

So today we bring you our apple juice. It’s a combination of hard work, love and Irish heritage varieties apples. Our trees in our orchard have been grafted  from orchards locally and many old gardens including Ballycumber House.

The name Naked Apple Juice is another story……come visit our Island Farm Foods Shop to get that one!! 




Varieties Of Apples in Our Juice

Martins Seedlings ISSA

Carton Cooker

Beauty Of Bath

Early Martin

Irisa Molly

Scarlet Crofton 1600’’s

Kilkenny Pearmain 1800

Ecklinville Seedling

Bloody Butcher 1800

Lambs Juicer

Sam Young 1800

Ross Nonpareil 1767

Reids Seedling

Franks Seedling

Rawleys Seedling

Richardson 1930

Dick Davies