Certified Organic Lamb

What do I get when I buy a Full Certified Organic Lamb?

You can order a half or whole lamb per your requirements.

Half Lamb €90 Full Lamb €180 Collection Only

Local Delivery Free –

Delivery’s To Tullamore Thursday & Saturday

Dublin Delivery’s Frist Thursday in the month FREE ** Advance order necessary**

Nationwide next day delivery option €15.00.

Whole Lamb ( Approx.)

Lamb Fillet  x 2 – Part of Whole Leg

Shoulder Lamb x 2

Centre Loin Chops x  17

Shoulder Chops x  7

Lamb Cutlets x  20 – In rack or cutlets

Side Loin Chops x 8

Neck Pieces & Belly In Mince (one bag) or Stewing or diced.

Lamb Offal

Kidney x 2

Heart x 1

Liver x 1 Bag

Average Weight of Lamb 15kgs.

All lamb delivered frozen unless requested in advance.

Please remember: the lamb can be butchered to your order if your order is placed in advance.  Our main season is end of August to December/ Mid January each year, thereafter we carry a stock of pre-cut lambs in our freezer selection.

Once your order has been received we will contact you to confirm your order and expected delivery date. Many different delivery options are available.
All lamb is delivered blast frozen but can be delivered fresh by request.

How to store your lamb
Depending on the cut, lamb will keep for 2 to 4 days in the coldest part of your refrigerator. If you buy a whole lamb, or half a lamb from Island Farm Foods, you will need a reasonable amount of freezer space. A whole lamb takes up 2.5
drawers of an average tall freezer. You can store lamb in your freezer at -8°C (18°F). A cut of lamb will keep for 6 to 9 months – ensuring that you can always have something on hand to prepare for that impromptu meal.  You should keep minced lamb for no more that 4 months in your freezer. Store
all cuts of lamb in tightly closed freezer bags.

Always label and date your food for freezing and use your oldest pieces first. All our Organic meat is labelled and dated for your convenience.